CompTalk Radio – Workers' Comp Centennial Commemoration With Alan S. Pierce





Join us for a fascinating discussion with Alan S. Pierce on the history of workers' compensation in the United States. The earliest known examples of workers' comp are dicussed, as is the 100 year commemorative event planned in Boston this April.

For specific information regarding the event Alan discusses, you may email him at


About The Author:

Alan S. Pierce is an attorney in Salem Mass. who has been representing injured workers and their families for over 30 years. He is past president of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, and current chair of the American Bar Association's Workers' Compensation committee. Alan hosts a podcast Workers Comp Matters which can be heard on the Legal Talk Network, and is chair of the Workers' Compensation Centennial Committee. In 2007 he was inducted as a Fellow in the College of Workers' Compensation Lawyers.

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