CompNewsNetwork Passes 10,000,000 Article Views and Counting…..

26 Jan, 2012 Bob Wilson


I was very pleased this week to see that our CompNewsNetwork system passed the 10 million article view count. To be more specific, since I am a stickler for accuracy - as of this writing – the system has served 10,084,966 articles up for our visitors.

To be fair, I am not such a big stickler for accuracy. I am the only person you would know who appends the term “ish” to the word “accurate”. I strive to be accurateish, or to work accurateishly, but once again I digress….

However, it is a dead on fact that, as of this writing, we have served – let me check – 10,085,146 articles.
(Bet you went back and checked that against the first number, didn't you?)

The CompNewsNetwork area is comprised of daily news, the Workers' Comp Blogwire, From Bob's Cluttered Desk, Corporate News and our two multimedia areas, CompTalk Radio and CompTalk Video.  We launched this section in late 2008 as a major upgrade to our former News Center, and traffic has grown steadily ever since. In fact, people are now reading well over 20,000 articles every day, meaning we should double the current number of – let me check – 10,085,215 articles viewed, in little more than a year.

Just in case you are not aware, an “article view” is a single time that an individual article is accessed by a reader. It does not mean that we have more than 20,000 new articles every day, it just means that of the 9,951 active and the 2,861 archived articles in the system, individuals access them over 20,000 times a day.

Now THAT is true accuracyish.

It is humbling to know that so much activity now revolves around our efforts here. The CompNewsNetwork has been the fastest growing area on for the last 2 years. With ever increasing demands for real time information, and the integration of more interactive social media systems, we don't believe that will change anytime soon. We look forward to seeing this area continue to grow.

One other thing – be sure to both thank and utilize our sponsors. They are the reason this service doesn't cost you a dime, and we can offer the largest, most visited FREE workers' comp news service in the industry. Without these valuable companies, who you see listed at the top of the page (Thank you MedRisk!) and to the left of this article, we would not have been able to offer up – let me check – 10,085,463 article views.

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