Australia’s Respectful Behavior Guide and Bullying Hotline

WorkCover NSW (Australia) said it welcomes an independent review into claims of bullying in the Licensing Solutions Unit.
Over the past few months WorkCover took steps to ensure employee complaints in respect to bullying are investigated independent of WorkCover to avoid any perceived conflict of interest.(WCxKit)
As a workplace safety regulator as well as an employer company officials said it is important WorkCover strive to set the benchmark in terms of managing workplace complaints.
WorkCover said it will provide full cooperation with the independent investigator appointed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.
WorkCover has firm policies in place to prevent and address bullying and harassment. Reports of bullying are taken seriously and investigated on the evidence – including an independent investigation if required. (WCxKit)
In addition, WorkCover developedRespectful Behaviors Guide for staff to provide practical guidelines for respectful behaviors in accordance with the organization's Code of Conduct.
Over the past 18 months 95% of WorkCover staff has completed respectful behaviors training.
As well, WorkCover contracts two independent providers to deliver :

      1. A 24-hour Bullying Response Service – a dedicated advice hotline that staff can call with bullying related concerns as well as free counseling and advisory services.

     2.  A free and confidential WorkCover Employee Assistance Program for staff to seek professional assistance for any work-related or a personal problem.

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