ACOEM Has Guide Of Best Doctors For Work-Related Injuries

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) has released a guide to the best physicians to provide care for people who have suffered work-related injuries and illness. It is titled A Guide to High-Value Physician Services in Workers Compensation: How to Find the Best Available Care for Your Injured Workers.
The publication was created in partnership with the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions. It includes advice, checklists, and other tools to help identify doctors who adhere to best practices and are most likely to provide the best medical outcomes. (WCxKit)
“Most participants in the workers compensation system want to direct workers to high-quality medical care, but rarely have access to accurate and comprehensive data about physician practice patterns,” said ACOEM Executive Director Barry Eisenberg. The new guide provides a practical alternative that helps users ask the right questions to ensure excellent care, Eisenberg adds.
Free copies of the guide are available at From the top page menu, go to Policy & Position Statements, then Reference Material. (WCxKit)

Author Robert Elliott
, executive vice president, Amaxx Risks Solutions, Inc. has worked successfully for 20 years with many industries to reduce Workers Compensation costs, including airlines, healthcare, printing/publishing, pharmaceuticals, retail, hospitality and manufacturing. Contact: or 860-553-6604.
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