A Little Hair of the Dog X-ray That Bit You…..

16 Jul, 2012 Bob Wilson


The doctor looked at the X-ray his patient, who had been injured in a car accident, had provided. He did what good doctors should do. He explained the X-ray, and the various bones it showed. He showed her the hip joint, and asked several questions about her injury. But the doctor also did a couple things that most competent physicians don't do.

He asked her what type of pain drugs she would like, specifically offering Vicodin, Roxicodone, oxycodone, Valium or Xanax. Most physicians don't normally employ the shopping cart method in prescribing medications.

Oh, and he failed to notice, or explain, the tail in the X-ray.

Turns out the "patient" was an undercover investigator for the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, and the X-ray was of her German Shepard, named "Recon". Additionally, the X-ray was clearly marked with both the dogs name and the animal hospital that produced it.

Details, shmetails. Or dog tails, I should say.

Dr. Rolando Lodevico Atiga, who was apparently well known in the drug community as a "go to" doctor, has been arrested. Authorities had received complaints "that for the right amount of cash" the doctor would "write prescriptions for you". They also allege that he would ask patients to give his receptionist a $50 tip "for her time and troubles". This is in addition to hundreds of dollars for the prescriptions themselves.

I hate to see an otherwise conscientious employer taken down in such an undignified manner. His receptionist, who I am certain is a competent soul, will likely have a great deal of trouble landing another job in this economy. After all, there are not many receptionist positions that offer a high 6 figure, tax free income anymore.

And forget about references. They are only worthwhile when they come from a credible source, and as it turns out, her boss clearly couldn't tell the difference between a dog's ass and a hole in the ground.


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