6 Steps to a Risk-Free Company Holiday Party


This holiday season, AmTrust's Loss Control team offers six simple ways to reduce your company's risk of liability throughout the celebrations. Remember, your employees' health and safety should always be of utmost importance, no matter the time of year. 

  1. Keep it inclusive. It's important that all employees feel welcome to attend, no matter their background. Make the event non-denominational, focusing on celebrating the company's successes over the year instead of a particular religious holiday. 
  2. Make it a choice. Employees shouldn't feel pressured to attend the event. It's a busy time of year for everyone, so make sure to clearly state attendance is voluntary.
  3. Skip the potluck. Some company parties suggest employees bring a dish or a dessert to share, however, this can bring the risk of foodborne illness. Instead, hire a licensed professional services to cater the event.
  4. Limit alcohol consumption. While having an open bar is not necessarily discouraged, make sure employees aren't overindulging. Instead of letting employees serve themselves, hire professional bartenders to make the drinks for them.
  5. Monitor those selfies. It's common for employees to share the happenings of the event on their social media pages. However, they should be encouraged to be mindful of what they post. Try creating a company-wide hashtag for the party that a team member can monitor.
  6. After the party. Don't risk the danger of anyone driving home under the influence. Instead, hire transportation services for employees and guests to ensure all party attendees arrive home safely after the festivities.

Courtesy of AmTrust

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