WV Volunteer Fire Department WC Group Members Announced


Charleston, WV (CompNewsNetwork) - West Virginia Department of Revenue Secretary Virgil T. Helton, under the direction of Gov. Joe Manchin, today announced the formation of the West Virginia Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) Workers' Compensation Group.

Upon securing temporary relief from workers' compensation premium increases from BrickStreet Insurance, which VFDs anticipated to double effective July 1, 2010, Gov. Manchin called upon Secretary Helton to form a group of stakeholders to provide a permanent solution.

“Our VFDs need long-term help. They are instrumental in keeping our communities safe and well protected,” said Manchin. “We now need to return the favor and assist these brave men and women so they can continue to operate in our communities.”

Secretary Helton, chair of the West Virginia Volunteer Fire Department Workers' Compensation Group, has invited the following individuals to participate in the group:

Senator Walt Helmick             West Virginia State Senate

Delegate Harry Keith White     West Virginia House of Delegates

Paula Smith                          WV State Firemen's Association

Sam Love                             WV State Firemen's Association

Sterling Lewis                        WV State Fire Marshal

Jane Cline                            Commissioner, WV Offices of the Insurance Commissioner

Bill Kenny                             Deputy Commissioner, WV Offices of the Insurance Commissioner

Mary Jane Pickens                 General Counsel, WV Offices of the Insurance Commissioner

Christine Morris                     General Counsel, WV Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety

Lisa Dooley                          WV Municipal League

Patti Hamilton                      WV Association of Counties

Vivian Parsons                      WV County Commissioners' Association

Bob Sullivan                         WV State Fire Commission

“I look forward to working with these individuals as we develop a solution for the VFDs and to provide them with ongoing relief from high workers' compensation premiums for years to come,” said Secretary Helton.

The first meeting for the group will be July 8 in the Governor's Cabinet and Conference Room at the state Capitol. 

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