WCF Insurance Earns DCC Elite Status for 2022


Salt Lake City, UT (WorkersCompensation.com) - Deep Customer Connections has awarded WCF Insurance the 2022 DCC Elite certification. The honor represents exceptional performance in, and commitment to, ease of business as experienced by independent agents.


WCF Insurance
EMC Insurance
Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance
Safety Insurance
UFG Insurance

DCC Elite certification requires two levels of qualification. First, each carrier must demonstrate mastery in ease of business, verified by Deep Customer Connections using standardized metrics and competitive benchmarks derived from each carrier’s own agent network. Second, eligible carriers must pledge to implement specific strategies to further improve their performance in ease of business factors.

“The DCC Elite program recognizes carriers who step up in a profound way to support their distribution network,” says Jason Bogart, CEO of Deep Customer Connections. “Many carriers claim to make it easy for their agents to write business, but few actively invite anonymous feedback from all of their agents to make sure that they deliver on their promise.

“Even without the impact of a worldwide pandemic, a carrier’s ease of business experience constantly shifts along with customer expectations, carrier staffing, competitors’ programs, and other variables,” explains Bogart. “DCC Elite carriers have proven their dedication to ongoing innovation when it comes to serving their agents.”

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