WA L&I Updates Proposed Rulemaking Of Special Reporting Instructions For Athletic Teams

Olympia, WA (CompNewsNetwork) - The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has proposed an updated rulemaking to simplify compliance agreements for professional and semiprofessional athletic teams so they are less burdensome for employers and more efficient for the department to administer.
RCW 51.12.120(6) allows a worker and employer to agree in writing that the work is principally localized out of state if the worker regularly works in Washington and another state. The special reporting rules for sport teams in WAC 296-17-35203(1) permit players and teams to enter into coverage agreements as provided by the statute, but regulates the agreements in a manner that is burdensome for the teams and the department. It requires a team to submit a separate agreement form signed by the player, the team, and the insurer for each player at the start of every season. This not only is a lot of administrative work for the employer, but makes managing the team accounts difficult for the department. It is nearly impossible for the account manager to confirm if the employer is compliant.

The proposal requires only that the player and team sign an initial agreement when a player is signed as is required by the statute. This document is maintained by the team. The proposal also requires a second agreement to be signed between the team and their insurer. A copy of this document must be provided to the department yearly along with a copy of the out-of-state insurance policy.

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