VA Gov Announces New Online Application System For Boards And Commissions Appointments


Richmond, VA (CompNewsNetwork) – Governor Bob McDonnell today announced a new online system for applying to serve on a Virginia board or commission. The new system, OASYS (Online Application System), will start accepting applications today.  OASYS will allow interested citizens to apply for Virginia boards and commissions online at the Secretary of the Commonwealth's website and will drastically cut down on the printing, postage, and processing costs normally associated with applications. In addition to applications, the online system will also accept nominations for qualified candidates. 

Encouraging Virginians to look for opportunities to serve, Governor McDonnell commented, "Serving on a board or commission is a positive way to give back to the Commonwealth.  I hope that Virginians from every region and background will consider the opportunity to serve their Commonwealth in this capacity and this new online system should greatly increase the number of applications and nominations we receive. In addition to helping more Virginians gain the opportunity to be considered for appointment to a board or commission, OASYS is also another step in our ongoing effort to increase efficiency and save taxpayer dollars in this Administration. Over the next four years we will look for every way by which we can make government more efficient and effective."

Virginia has approximately 350 boards and commissions that serve the Commonwealth. A full listing of the positions can be found on the Secretary of the Commonwealth's website.  It is common for there to be a specific requirement or experience to serve on a board or commission.  Because of the condensed timeline for this year's application process, and in order for applications and nominations to be fully considered for the approximately 900 appointment openings in June, the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office is asking that all applications be submitted online by April 15th. 

Interested parties who applied for a position on a board or commission during the McDonnell transition will not have to completely reapply.  However, because of new features of OASYS, the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office is asking every applicant to visit the new system.  Previous applicants will need to choose the specific boards or commissions on which they are interested in serving and complete a vetting component that was not present on the transition website.

"These appointments are some of the most important decisions Governor McDonnell will make during his term.  He has repeatedly said that he is looking for the 'best and brightest' to serve Virginia and the McDonnell administration.  We are hopeful that this online system will attract people who may have previously served but also reach a new generation of future public servants," noted Secretary of the Commonwealth Janet Polarek.  The Secretary of the Commonwealth's office is responsible for making recommendations to the Governor regarding boards and commissions appointments.

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