UT Labor Commissioner Appoints Director Of Industrial Accidents Division

                               Salt Lake City, UT (CompNewsNetwork) - Commissioner Sherrie Hayashi of the Utah Labor Commission has announced the appointment of Ron Dressler as the Director of the Industrial Accidents Division for the Labor Commission.
The Industrial Accidents Division monitors and administers the workers' compensation program for the state, and ensures that businesses in the state are complying with the state requirement to provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees. The division also assists injured workers' in resolving any disputes that they may have regarding their workers' compensation benefits with their employer's insurance carrier.
Before his appointment as Director of the Division, Ron served as Deputy Director since June 2008 and as former Policy Coordinator for the Industrial Accidents Division. He has been directly responsible for the administration of the Division's Compliance Section, as well as many other administrative functions. Prior to Mr. Dressler's involvement with the Labor Commission, he worked as an attorney in private practice at the firm of Skidmore and Hall in Ohio focusing in the areas of real estate, landlord/tenant law, condominium and homeowner association representation, and public policy. Mr. Dressler received his J.D. degree from Regent University in Virginia in 1996 and he is a member of the Ohio and Utah Bar Associations.
"Ron has done an exceptional job serving as interim director", stated Commissioner Sherrie Hayashi.
"He has displayed exceptional leadership, knowledge of the workers compensation laws, and a
willingness to accept challenging new responsibilities. I have the utmost confidence that Ron will bring the Industrial Accidents Division to new heights in many aspects, particularly in the area of utilizing technology to improve the efficiency of the Division."
"I am very excited for this new opportunity to continue in the positive work the Labor Commission is doing. Workers Compensation is an integral part of our working and business community,” said Mr. Dressler. “Particularly in light of the current economic conditions it is imperative that we continue to meet the needs of injured workers, assist employers with questions or concerns, and continue to facilitate a good working relationship between these groups as well as adjusters, insurance carriers, attorneys, and medical providers”.
“As we move toward improving and automating our service including the implementation of Governor Herbert's optimization initiative, I am committed to bringing the dedication of service to all of our stakeholders that they expect and deserve."

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