TX Updates Requirements For CARF Accredited Work Programs Working With Review

Houston, TX (CompNewsNetwork) - Each CARF accredited facility that wishes to request exemption from preauthorization and concurrent review requirements for work conditioning or work hardening must submit the required written documentation to TX DWC. To maintain TX DWC exemption status with no time break, facilities must renew before their exemption status expires.  Exemption requests are dependent on the date the TX DWC grants the request.  Renewals are intended to maintain the continuity of exemption status and are dependent on the ongoing TX DWC notification by the facility of the CARF accreditation process. 

If DWC exemption status expires without a request to renew, the TX DWC website will reflect a break in the facility's exemption status. In order to limit the break in exemption, the facility should immediately request a new DWC exemption.

To request an exemption, or to renew exemption status when the CARF accreditation period is expiring, the facility must submit the following required written documentation:

   1. A copy of a dated CARF letter to each facility that describes the accreditations granted and the dates of the accreditation period
   2. A written request stating which work conditioning and/or work hardening program(s), and at which facilities, the exemption is requested.
   3. The name of each facility, including the physical and billing address, phone and fax numbers.
   4. A contact name and phone number for the facility requesting the exemption. 

TX DWC will accept the required written documentation by regular mail or fax.

Texas Department of Insurance
Division of Workers Compensation
Health Care Policy, MS-7
7551 Metro Center Drive, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744
Fax:  512-804-5001

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