TX Medical Board Reduces Licensing Time To 30 Days

Houston, TX (CompNewsNetwork) - At its April 2-3 board meeting, the Texas Medical Board issued 575 physician licenses and announced that the average time to issue a Texas medical license has gone down to about 30 days. When the average time to license a Texas physician reached a peak of 100 days in September, 2007, the Legislature mandated that TMB reduce licensing time to 51 days. The addition of staff and resources, along with implementation of the LIST system, which improves communications between applicants and TMB staff, enabled TMB to meet and then exceed the legislative mandate. By June of last year the average was 44 days. The average time has steadily decreased so that now it's possible for a physician to receive a Texas medical license in one month after submitting a fully completed application.

Since its February meeting, the Texas Medical Board has taken disciplinary action against 70 licensed physicians and one surgical assistant.

The actions included 12 violations based on quality of care; six actions based on unprofessional conduct; seven nontherapeutic prescribing violations; one agreed order modifying a prior order; six actions based on other states' or entity's actions; eight actions based on inadequate medical records violations; two actions based on impairment due to alcohol or drugs or mental/physical condition; four actions based on violation of probation or prior order; one action based on failure to properly supervise or delegate; two actions based on peer review actions; five actions based on criminal convictions; one voluntary surrender; one reinstatement after termination; one violation of a board rule; one administrative order; three temporary suspensions and one action against a surgical assistant. Nine physicians entered into administrative orders for minor statutory violations. The Board issued one Cease and Desist order against an unlicensed practitioner.

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