TX DWC Adopts Rules Impacting Designated Doctor Program


Austin, TX (WorkersCompensation.com) - On June 29, 2012, the Commissioner of Workers' Compensation Rod Bordelon adopted new and amended rules affecting designated doctor scheduling, certification and qualification. These adopted rules also implement other changes as mandated by House Bill 2605 (82nd Texas Legislature, Regular Session) for the efficient administration of the designated doctor program and to establish TDI-DWC requirements formerly not expressed in rule.

The primary purpose of adopting 28 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §§127.1, 127.5, 127.10, 127.20, 127.25, 180.23; the repeal of §130.6 and §180.21, and new §§127.100, 127.110, 127.120, 127.130, 127.140, 127.200, 127.210, and 127.220 is to implement the statutory changes made in House Bill 2605. These adopted rules also repeal 28 TAC §180.21 of this title (relating to Division Designated Doctor List) and 28 TAC §130.6 of this title (relating to Designated Doctor Examinations for Maximum Medical Improvement and/or Impairment Ratings) and recodify the relevant provisions of the repealed rules in 28 TAC Chapter 127.

These adopted amendments, repeals and new sections will become effective on September 1, 2012 (with delayed applicability of some provisions until January 1, 2013 pursuant to HB 2605).

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