TX Close To Adopting New Detailed Claim Information Program


Boca Raton, FL - The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is in the process of adopting by rule the new Detailed Claim Information (DCI) program. The rule is currently posted in the Texas Register, and is expected to be adopted soon.

Under the Texas program, the initial 1st reports will be those with Reported to Insurer dates of September 2010, to be valued as of March 2011, and due to be reported to NCCI by June 2011.

The rules and proposed Texas DCI Statistical Plan will take effect with the approval of the new Texas DCI program.

NCCI previously communicated the development of the new Texas DCI program in Circular
DCI-2009-02. The Texas program was modeled after NCCI's new DCI program, and this circular highlights the difference between these two programs.

Note: Since the release of this circular, TDI determined that the Medical Extinguishment Indicator data element (field 72, position 407) will not be included in their new DCI program.

Source: National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc.


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