TX CI Adopts TX 2010 Stat Plan

                               Austin, TX (CompNewsNetwork) - By Commissioner's Order No. 10-0660, issued June 14, 2010, the Commissioner of Insurance has adopted new Division 4, §5.6601 of the Texas Administrative Code, Title 28.  The new rule adopted by reference the Texas Detailed Claim Information Statistical Plan, 2010 Edition (2010 Stat Plan), effective September 1, 2010, for insurance companies writing workers' compensation insurance in Texas.


Currently, insurance companies writing workers' compensation insurance in Texas must use the Detailed Claim Information (DCI) Statistical Plan adopted effective January 1, 1991, and last amended effective January 1, 1997 (1997 Stat Plan).  The updated reporting requirements included in the 2010 Stat Plan shall apply to all claims with a reported-to-insurer date of September 2010 and later.  All claims with a reported-to-insurer date prior to September 2010 shall continue to use the reporting requirements in the 1997 Stat Plan and those claims shall continue to be reported up to and including reports due through April 30, 2014.

The 2010 Stat Plan is necessary to provide needed clarification regarding the reporting requirements of certain data fields, eliminate unnecessary and noncritical data elements, and add necessary data elements.  Many of the changes in the 2010 Stat Plan were made to align DCI data reporting requirements in Texas with similar requirements made by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) for other states.  NCCI serves as the Department's designated statistical agent for the collection of DCI data in Texas.


Further, the 2010 Stat Plan will gather comprehensive data for all indemnity claims with a loss value greater than zero.  Under the 1997 Stat Plan, only claims with incurred losses of $5,000 or greater are required to be reported.  This change will provide enhanced opportunities for research and monitoring of claims below $5,000, as well as more accurate pricing of statutory and regulatory changes affecting those claims.  Details regarding which claims need to be reported may be found in Part 4, Claim Selection and Sampling, of the 2010 Stat Plan.

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