Total Medical Solutions Rolls Out MUNI Product

                               Lake Mary, FL (CompNewsNetwork) - Total Medical Solutions (TMS), specializing in complex care for workers' compensation, has rolled out MUNI for municipalities, law enforcement and other government agencies.


MUNI takes a hyper-communicative approach to coordinating home health care services and products, including nurses, infusion and wound therapy, home modifications, custom mobility, assistive technology, durable medical equipment, and supplies. TMS has consolidated best practices acquired over more than 15 years of serving major metropolitan areas and municipalities nationally into this dedicated product. 


Municipalities expect more frequent and detailed communication much faster than other workers' compensation payers, according MUNI Coordinator, Lynn Moore.


“When these adjusters want information, they want it now and they want a lot of it,” said Moore, a former home health care nurse and the wife of a retired, 25-year Deputy Sheriff who helped develop MUNI. “A commercial payer just wants to know that therapy has begun, while the municipality wants to know the exact time the last infusion was given and the patient's pain level,” she explained. 


Noting that municipalities tend to have long-term employees of 20 to 30 years, Moore said, “The adjusters and risk managers know the individual personally; this is their friend and colleague, not just a claim number.  MUNI delivers a heightened relationship with considerable follow through.”  


Because injuries tend to be similar and require the same type of equipment, MUNI clients receive good value from TMS' banking program on power chairs and other durable equipment.  Wheelchair ramping, which runs around $10,000 per claim, has a lifespan of 100 years.  When the first claimant no longer needs it, TMS “banks” (picks up, restores and stores) it until the municipality has another employee who needs ramping, significantly reducing claims costs over time.

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