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Salem, OR (CompNewsNetwork) - A texting and driving accident, an auto shop mishap, and the appearance of “Safety Man” are some of the stories told by finalists of the young worker safety and health video contest. The top 10 videos are now posted on YouTube for voting (click on 2011 video submissions):
The finalists are as follows:
“Lower the Lift” – Springfield High School
“Save a Life, Don't Throw a Knife” – Elgin High School
“Texting and Band Saws Don't Mix” – Summit High School
“Death Drive” – Summit High School
“Save A Friend. Work Safe.” – Sisters High School
“Safety on the job” - Glencoe High School
“Texting and Driving PSA” – Lake Oswego High School
“Text Drive” – Parkrose High School
“You Wanna See Unsafe” – Springfield High School
“Pay Attention in the Kitchen” - Crescent Valley High School
Honorable Mention: “Speak Up!” – Waldport High School
The top three entries will take home cash prizes ranging from $300 to $500 and will earn a matching amount for their school. The Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition (O[yes]), Oregon OSHA, SAIF Corporation, American Society of Safety Engineers, the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET), and the Department of Human Services-Public Health Division sponsor the contest.
The contest, open to all high school students in Oregon, was designed to increase awareness about safety on the job for young people with the theme of “Save a Friend. Work Safe.” Students were advised to create a 45-second public service announcement based on the concept of speaking up about potential workplace hazards.

Contest winners will be unveiled at an April 2, 2011, screening event at Northern Lights Theater in Salem at 1:30 p.m. For details about the contest, go to
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