TN Incorporates Electronic Filing Rule To Speed Processing Of Claims

Nashville, TN (CompNewsNetwork) – Employers who file 50 or more partial claims for unemployment benefits for their employees in any week are now required to use the electronic filing method that automatically processes these claims, Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner James Neeley announced today.
The emergency rule requiring use of the Automated Partial Claims System (APS) was effective the date it was filed, January 28, 2009. Employers have until February 27, 2009 to comply with the rule.
“The department's system for processing claims has been strained as a result of the extraordinary increase in the volume of unemployment claims presently being filed,” said Commissioner Neeley. “By requiring employers who are filing claims for 50 or more employees to use the APS, resources will be freed up to better meet the current demands.”
Neeley said employers file partial claims for their employees when they have a reduced amount of work because of holidays, inclement weather, or lack of work. Under these circumstances, many employees qualify for unemployment benefits. By using the APS, the employer eliminates repetitive work for himself and does away with longer processing time for claimants.
He explained that the APS is user-friendly. “Employers must only enter information identifying their business one time. Additionally, employers only need to enter each employee one time into the program's database, then add or delete employees as needed. The program creates a secure file of all employees, and the employer applies specific wage information for employees affected in the week of partial layoff.”
After the employer enters all information, he attaches the text file to an e-mail and sends it to the department for prompt processing.
A penalty in the amount of $50 may be assessed against any employer who fails to use the Department of Labor & Workforce Development's Automated Partial Claims System when filing 50 or more partial claims in any week.

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