Texas Mutual Elects Two New Members To Board Of Directors

AUSTIN, Texas, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Two new members of Texas Mutual Insurance Company's Board of Directors - Bernie Francis of Carrollton, Texas, and Eric Oliver of Abilene, Texas - were elected Tuesday, June 23, at the company's eighth annual policyholder meeting.

Francis is owner and CEO of Addison-based Business Control Systems LP and Dallas-based First Class Caregivers Inc., and a member of the board of Senior Quality Lifestyles Corp. He served three terms on the Carrollton City Council in the 1990s. Francis is former chairman of the Texas State University System Board of Regents, a board member of the North Central Texas Workforce Board and former chairman of the Texas State Technical College Board of Regents.

Oliver is founder and president of Softvest LP in Abilene; president of Midland Map Co. LLC in Midland; founder and principal of TenTex Music LLC in Nashville; founder and principal of Geologic Research Centers LLC, with libraries in Abilene and Midland; and founder and owner of Caprock Title Co. in Midland. He was appointed a director of Midland-based AMEN Properties Inc. in 2001 and was named chairman in 2002. Oliver serves on the boards of Autogas Systems Inc. and ACIMCO, Abilene Christian University's endowment manager, and is a former member of the Abilene Community Foundation's investment committee.

Russell R. Oliver, president of Texas Mutual, said: "Mr. Francis and Mr. Oliver are successful Texas businessmen who understand the value of a strong workers' compensation system and our company's role in the system. They will offer valuable perspectives in steering the company toward even greater success."

Francis and Oliver will serve terms that are set to expire on July 1, 2015.

Four members of Texas Mutual's Board of Directors are elected by the company's policyholders. The governor appoints the five other members, including the chairman.

About Texas Mutual Insurance Company
Austin-based Texas Mutual Insurance Company is the state's leading provider of workers' compensation insurance, with approximately 25 percent of the market. Since 1991, the company has provided a stable, competitively priced source of workers' comp insurance for all Texas employers. Preventing workplace accidents and minimizing their consequences is a major part of Texas Mutual's mission.

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