Texas Mutual Distributes $150M In Dividends Among Qualifying Policyholder Owners


Austin, TX (WorkersCompensation.com) – Texas Mutual Insurance Company announced today that it has begun distributing $150 million in workers' compensation dividends among approximately 40,000 qualifying policyholders.

“As a mutual insurance company, our responsibility is to our policyholders,” said Bob Barnes, chairman of Texas Mutual's board of directors. “They own the
company, and this money belongs to them. We are proud to share Texas Mutual's success with those who have contributed to that success.”

When publicly traded corporations pay dividends, every stockholder gets a dividend based on the shares they own at that time. When Texas Mutual pays
dividends, it rewards specific policyholders who focus on controlling workplace accidents and helping injured workers return to the job.

This marks the 14th consecutive year Texas Mutual has paid dividends to qualifying policyholder owners. By the end of 2012, the company will have paid $1.2
billion in dividends. The majority of that total – more than $1 billion – will have been paid since 2005.

Texas Mutual President Ron Wright said the company's dividend track record is a direct reflection of its financial strength, as well as policyholders' efforts to
keep employees safe.

“Our status as a mutual company gives us the freedom to focus on what matters most: preventing workplace accidents and their associated costs,” said
Wright. “Texas Mutual is fortunate to have owners who share our vision. I hope this return on their investments will keep their businesses strong far into the

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