Texas DWC Publishes Rulebook Supplement 2008-05 Online

                               Austin, TX (CompNewsNetwork) - The Texas Workers� Compensation Rulebook Supplement 2008-05 containing rules adopted by the Commissioner of Workers� Compensation is available online from the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation (TDI-DWC). The supplement can be printed from the TDI website at http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/wc/rules/tableofcontents/supplements.html.
Supplement 2008-05 contains new and amended rules, which were adopted in July, August and September:
Chapter 122 - Compensation Procedure - Claimants
Subchapter B Claims Procedure for Beneficiaries of Injured Employees
122.100 Claim for Death Benefits (amended)
Chapter 132 - Death Benefits - Death and Burial Benefits
132.6 Eligibility of Other Surviving Dependents and Eligible Parents to Receive
Death Benefits (amended)
132.9 Duration of Death Benefits for an Eligible Grandchild, Eligible Dependent, and Eligible Parent (amended)
132.11 Distribution of Death Benefits (amended)
Chapter 134 - Benefits - Guidelines for Medical Services, Charges and Payments
Subchapter E Health Facility Fees
134.402 Ambulatory Surgical Center Fee Guideline (amended)
Chapter 140 - Dispute Resolution - General Provisions
140.6 Subclaimant Status: Establishment, Right and Procedures (new)
140.7 Health Care Insurer Reimbursement under Labor Code §409.0091 (new)
140.8 Procedures for Health Care Insurers to Pursue Reimbursement of Medical Benefits
under Labor Code §409.0091 (new)

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