Systema Software Selected By JT2 Integrated Resources For The CA TPA Market

                               Larkspur, CA (CompNewsNetwork) - Systema Software, a leading provider of software solutions and services to the insurance industry, today announced that JT2 Integrated Resources, a third-party administrator (TPA) serving the California workers' compensation and liability insurance markets, has selected SIMS Claims as its claims management solution.

As a comprehensive property and casualty claims management system, SIMS is designed to maximize efficiency and profitability in day-to-day claims operations. This browser-based solution leverages a .NET platform, Web Services, XML-based business rules, SQL Server relational databases, and common Microsoft tools, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.

JT2 Integrated Resources has always strived to achieve a paperless, efficient claims operation and to deliver sophisticated data reporting to its clients. “As a TPA, excellent service and customized programs are our key differentiators,” said Theresa Fernandez, Chief Administrative Officer and an owner of JT2. “We continually work to improve and expand upon these capabilities. We selected SIMS because it's the newest, most advanced claims system, and it will enhance our unique value to the California self-insured market.”

“With our previous claims system, we had to use a separate document-imaging system, and deal with the complexities and inefficiencies of layering dashboard capabilities over our existing claims software,” said Fernandez. “We worked with Systema to develop a business case, and found that by implementing SIMS Claims, we could expand document imaging company wide, reap a return on investment in just two years, and eventually decrease our overall IT costs.” 

Behind the scenes, JT2's IT staff will no longer deal with stacks of paper reports, or separate dashboard and document-imaging systems as SIMS Claims is an integrated solution. “In addition to the dashboard, which provides clients with a quick snapshot of their program, we'll be able to offer clients highly customized reporting to drill down with powerful data analysis, so they can have the information they need to reduce program losses,” added Fernandez.

“We're thrilled with this opportunity to work with JT2,” said Jose Tribuzio, President of Systema Software. “Through this partnership, we gain additional experience in the California workers' compensation and liability markets, especially in regards to servicing the needs of JT2's self-insured and municipal clients. SIMS is designed to closely align with the way claims examiners think and perform their work. By using SIMS, JT2 can further streamline operations and keep examiners focused on a plan of action for each claim, so they can continue to provide clients with superior claims results and exemplary service.”

About JT2 Integrated Resources 
Since 1993, JT2 Integrated Resources has administered workers' compensation and liability claims in the state of California, providing clients with excellent service, optimal claims results, and maximum savings. 

About Systema Software  
Systema Software provides flexible, comprehensive solutions and services to the insurance industry. Its flagship product, SIMS Claims, is an innovative, browser-based property and casualty claims management system. Together, our team of Big 5 consulting veterans, experienced software developers, and project managers deliver an architecturally strong enterprise platform, designed for superior speed, scalability, and performance.

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