SUNZ Insurance Company Adds Three More States To Coverage Area


St. Petersburg, FL (CompNewsNetwork) - SUNZ Insurance Company announced today the addition of three more states to their coverage area; allowing them to write workers' compensation policies in a total of 13 states nationwide. By adding Montana, Indiana and North Carolina, SUNZ is one state shy of reaching their goal of completing the integration process that was put into place earlier this year through the acquisition of Brentwood National Insurance Company.

SUNZ, a St. Petersburg-based workers' compensation company, increased their overall coverage area throughout 2010 at an impressive pace. Just last month, they announced a four state expansion to include Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Arizona, enabling them to write workers' compensation policies in a total of 10 states. Just four months prior to their August expansion, SUNZ added five southeastern states to their coverage area by incorporating Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia.

Scott Robertson, President of SUNZ Insurance Company said, "We are ecstatic about the inclusion of these three states to our coverage area. We are hopeful that the expansion will not only improve our relationships with our existing client base, but will accommodate those companies who have been calling to ask when we would be able to write business in their state."

To accommodate the increasing volume of new policies and to maintain efficiency, SUNZ brought in Paul Hodges as Underwriting Manager. Hodges, like the majority of existing SUNZ employees, has a wealth of experience in the PEO and staffing industries.

Robertson added, "We welcome Paul as the Underwriting Manager to our team. With his 14 years of industry experience, there is no doubt he will prove beneficial to the overall success of our strategic growth plan."

Now that SUNZ has gained the rights to write policies in 13 of the 14 states in the cycle, they are looking toward more growth in the future. The next step is to file a Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA), allowing them to write business for an additional 10 states. With this filing, SUNZ hopes to secure the remaining states along the Gulf Coast and throughout the Midwest.

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