Statement By Commissioner Poizner On Completion Of WC Hearing

Sacramento, CA (CompNewsNetwork) - Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner issued the following statement regarding the conclusion of the Claims Cost Benchmark hearing: 

"We heard a lot of compelling testimony yesterday and many suggestions on changes that can be made to the workers' compensation system to reduce costs. One thing that every person agreed on was that one of the best ways to keep costs low was providing immediate and appropriate medical care to workers injured on the job. 

"I will carefully consider all of the evidence and ideas set forth yesterday and will respond to the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau's filing within 30 days. I will also pass along to the Governor and Legislature some of the best ideas brought to light at the hearing that will help keep costs down. 

"The economy is in a tailspin. The state's unemployment rate is at 11 percent. Unwarranted and preventable rate hikes must be avoided to prevent even more Californians from losing their jobs. The absolute last thing California businesses need is an unsupported added expense. I will carefully scrutinize the data presented to ensure that unneeded financial burdens are not hoisted on the state's already fragile economy." 

Commissioner Poizner has worked to ensure an efficient and effective workers' compensation insurance market. In the last month alone, he released a top down review of the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau and an audit of State Fund, the state's workers' compensation insurer of last resort. Both reviews included specific recommendations that would make the organizations more proficient and successful at their duties. 

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