South Carolina Workers' Comp Commission Creates A Surgical Implant Advisory Committee

Columbia, SC (CompNewsNetwork) - In 2006 the Hospital Advisory Committee recommended a change in the In-Patient Hospital Fee Schedule. The Commission approved the Hospital Fee Schedule. However, they deferred action on the Committee's recommendation for surgical implants. The Committee recommended the maximum allowable payments for surgical implants in the fee schedule separate from the diagnostic related groups and based on cost of the device and procedure.
The Commission is creating an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to evaluate and develop recommendations with regard to the maximum allowable payment for surgical implant devices in the Commission's medical fee schedule. The first meeting of the Committee is scheduled for April 21, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. in the floor conference room, CBRE Building, 1333 Main Street, Columbia, SC. 29201.
For additional information concerning this announcement, please contact:
Gary M. Cannon
Executive Director

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