SC WCC Revises Informal Conference Hearing Cost Assessment

                               Columbia, SC (CompNewsNetwork) - On Tuesday, January 18, 2011 the SC Workers' Compensation Commission approved the Informal Conference hearing cost assessment. This is a decrease of $42.70 from the assessment approved in 1999.
Pursuant to Commission Regulation 67-804 the Commission is authorized to impose the actual cost of an Informal Conference hearing on an employer's representative or an attorney for failing to appear at a scheduled Informal Conference. The decrease is a result of the change in cost allocation method used to calculate the cost of conducting an Informal Conference.
67-804 (H) – If the employer's representative or an attorney, if any, fails to appear at the Informal Conference, the Commission reschedules the conference. The Commissioner assigned to the claim may impose on the employer's representative or an attorney, if any, the actual costs of the conference as established by the Commission.
The new assessment is effective January 18, 2011.
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