San Jose Police Dispatcher Charged with Insurance Fraud


San Jose, CA ( - A San Jose police dispatcher has been charged with fraudulently pocketing more than $84,000 in Disability Insurance money after she returned to work after a non-work related disability.

Wendy Vaccaro, 41, of Campbell, officially left work and began receiving payments in early 2017. She cashed insurance checks for more than a year after she had returned to work at the police department.

Vaccaro, who is expected to be arraigned today at 1:30 p.m. in Department 23 of the Hall of Justice in San Jose, faces incarceration if she is convicted of the felony fraud charges.

“Disability Insurance is meant to get people back on their financial feet while they regain the ability to work,” Prosecutor Vonda Tracey said. “It’s not meant to supplement your income for personal profit.”

Vaccaro left work in late March of 2017. She came back in mid-June of 2017, without notifying the insurance company that was cutting her $5,600-a-month checks. Her fraud was discovered in September of 2018 and she was arrested in mid-July this year. She is currently on administrative leave.

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