Rising And LUBA WC Growing Into Your Backyard

                               Chicago, IL (CompNewsNetwork) - In a modern world, it can be hard to find companies that pride themselves on service, integrity and a greater good. Now two companies defined by these old-fashioned qualities are uniting forces to provide more American workers' with stability.

For the first-time LUBA Workers' Comp (LUBA), one of Louisiana's largest workers' compensation underwriters is breaking out of Louisiana's backyards and through the doors of Arkansas and Mississippi. LUBA is leveraging the expertise of Rising Medical Solutions (Rising), a national medical cost containment and care management company, to drive growth into these new territories.   

LUBA is utilizing Rising's medical bill review and PPO programs to develop a strong network of doctors and to ensure fair payments for appropriate services. Rising's medical charge methodologies have allowed the company to remove more than a billion dollars of waste from the US healthcare cost structure. Additionally, the Company's outcome-based analytics help identify doctors that are providing the best patient care. Rising's successful programs stem from its strong core values and mission – all centered on improving our healthcare system for the good of American workers and the economy. For LUBA's leadership, that characteristic set Rising apart in the industry. 

“Most companies care exclusively about the bottom line. LUBA's priority has always been delivering quality care to our injured workers while appropriately managing medical expenses for our policyholders. Our core values are superior customer service, commitment to improving workplace safety and competitive pricing. By partnering with Rising, we further emphasize our commitment to these values,” says Paul Roy, LUBA Care Supervisor.

“LUBA's proven track record of success in Louisiana will soon be replicated in more states,” says Jason Beans, Rising CEO. “Together, our objective is to grow rapidly while protecting the financial health of healthcare every step of the way. We're fortunate to have clients, like LUBA, that share our philosophy of integrity, ethics and fairness.”

Consistency is key. LUBA has demonstrated genuine dependability for nearly 20 years in the state of Louisiana. Rising's strong PPO networks and expertise in state fee schedules, rules and regulations throughout the nation will be leveraged to facilitate LUBA's same dependability in new states. Both companies are committed to impacting the lives of Americans by delivering the right medical care at a fair price. They're old-fashioned ideals, applied to a complicated workers' compensation system, that promise to create stability and efficiency at a time when American employees need it most.

About Rising Medical Solutions Inc.
Rising Medical Solutions is a national medical-financial solutions firm that provides leading medical cost containment, care management and financial management services to the group health, auto, workers' compensation, and liability markets. Inc. magazine and the Private Company Index (PCI) rank the Chicago-based company as one of the fastest growing private enterprises in America.

About LUBA Workers' Comp
Based in Baton Rouge, LA, LUBA Workers' Comp (LUBA) covers more than 130,000 employees through 4,800 policyholders that generate over $75 million in written premiums. LUBA returns surplus money to policyholders based on individual safety performance. Since it began in 1991, LUBA has returned $30 million to policyholders. LUBA coverage is available in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi through select local independent insurance agencies.

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