Retention Of Claim Records By The OR WCD


Portland, OR (CompNewsNetwork) - In a recent notice dated July 29, 2010, the Workers' Compensation Division announced that it had moved to electronic storage of most claim documents. The notice also stated the Oregon Workers' Compensation Division would continue to pursue other ways to reduce their information storage and handling costs. The division is reducing the length of time it keeps claim records.

In 2004, the division shortened the retention period for records related to most claims closed on or after Jan. 1, 2005, from 75 years to 10 years. Even with this change, the cost to store records remained substantial.

Therefore, the division is reducing the retention period for records of all claims to 10 years, except denied claims, fatal claims, and claims for permanently and totally disabled workers. The reconsideration record under ORS 656.268 will be kept for three years; medical review files and contested case hearing records for five years; and other dispute working files for 30 days after the appeal process is final.

The combined effects of these changes will substantially reduce the division's costs to store paper files. As with the division migrates to electronic recordkeeping, they will do everything they can to ensure these additional changes have little or no impact on our ability to serve WCD's customers. 

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