Reed Group Appoints Dr. Jennifer Key


WestMinster, CO (CompNewsNetwork) - Reed Group, the world's leading return-to-work experts, announced today that it has appointed Dr. Jennifer Key manager of data analytics. Dr. Key will head up the launch of Reed Group's new comprehensive analytics and research service for employers who want to better manage return-to-work outcomes. The new service will help employers identify key drivers within their populations that impact costs to support benefit design changes and program refinements. 

“Jennifer's strategic thought leadership will be a huge asset to Reed Group customers as her team works to help employers better understand the data behind their return-to-work results for issues such as behavioral health,” says Reed Group CEO Michael Sayre. “Under her leadership, Reed Group's new comprehensive analytics service will allow employers to more proactively manage return-to-work for improved outcomes.” 

Before joining Reed Group, Dr. Key held positions as a general analytics consultant and founded Coordinated Services, a 300-employee company that provides analytics for not-for-profits. Dr. Key holds a BA and a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. 

About Reed Group

Reed Group is the world's most trusted source of return-to-work information, helping companies improve employee absence outcomes. Reed Group's data, tools, customized solutions, and case management services help reduce absence incidence and duration, and get employees back to normal, healthy lives and full productivity. Reed Group is headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. 

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