Partnership Agreement Fosters a Safer Workplace for Utah's Construction Industry


Salt Lake City, UT ( – The Utah Labor Commission, Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division and the Utah Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors recently signed a partnership agreement to promote occupational safety and health in Utah work places.  The official signing took place at ABC's annual safety convention held at the Farmington Legacy Center. 

The partnership agreement between UOSH and ABC recognizes the value of establishing a collaborative relationship to promote occupational safety and health in Utah workplaces.  The agreement will raise awareness and demonstrate commitment to workplace safety while continuing to promote the national dialogue on safety.  The partnership between UOSH and ABC recognizes the commitment to worker protection and the importance of providing a safe and healthful work environment for employees of Utah's construction workforce. In addition, UOSH and ABC are committed to work as partners to achieve construction workplace safety through shared strategies and objectives.  

Implementation of this agreement is expected to result in an increase of improved safety performance through implementation of best safety practices and a decrease in workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities for participant contractors.  In addition, the implementation of a sustained partnership program will also result in a decrease in worker compensation costs as well as other direct or indirect costs.

Louis Silva, Division Direction of UOSH and Chris Hipwell, president of ABC's Utah chapter were joined by Utah's Labor Commissioner Sherrie Hayashi and ABC Chairmen of the Board, Ron Hadley for the official signing at ABC's Annual Safety Conference.

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