OR's WCD Adopts Permanent Rules On Medical Fees

Salem, OR (CompNewsNetwork) - The Department of Consumer and Business Services Workers' Compensation Division today adopted new, permanent rules on medical fees for treating workers' compensation patients.

The new rules, effective Jan. 1, 2009, prohibit preferred provider network ("PPO") discounts for medical services performed by doctors, physical therapists, and other health care providers who treat injured workers, but allow individual providers to choose to offer discounts as part of standardized agreements with insurers or self-insured employers. Network discounts continue to be allowed for prescription drugs and hospital services provided to injured workers.

The new rules replace the temporary rules on medical fees the division issued in July and address concerns and questions about the role of PPOs in workers' compensation.

"We have received very positive feedback from medical providers, workers, and others with a stake in the workers' compensation system about these new rules," said John Shilts, administrator of the Workers' Compensation Division. "We feel they will help ensure Oregon's injured workers continue to have access to quality medical care."

The Workers' Compensation Division, part of the Department of Consumer & Business Services, administers, monitors, and enforces Oregon's workers' compensation laws and protects employers' and injured workers' rights and benefits.

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