Oregon DCBS Releases Court Of Appeals 2011 Workers' Comp Summary


Salem, OR (WorkersComprensation.com) - The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services recently released its Court of Appeals 2011 Workers' Compensation Summary.

The annual report covers the Oregon Court of Appeals on workers' compensation cases, and is primarily about appeals of Workers' Compensation Board cases (counts, issues, issue dispositions, affirmation rates, time lags, and attorney fees), but some data about appealed Workers' Compensation Division “contested cases” are also included.

In 2011, there were 77 Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) decisions appealed to the Oregon Court of Appeals, one more than in 2010. The rate at which board orders on review were appealed to the court was 17 percent. The petitioner was the worker in 49 percent of the cases with a 2011 court decision or remand, the lowest percentage on record.

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