OR WCD Uses E-Storage For Claim Documents


Portland, OR (CompNewsNetwork) - Because of recent budget cuts, the Workers' Compensation Division re-examined its recordkeeping practices and associated costs. For more than three decades, the division has created a claim file to store paper records for each accepted disabling workers' compensation claim. Storage costs are substantial and staffing reductions require the division to adopt more efficient methods to store and process information. 

Effective July 19, 2010, the division moved to electronic storage of most claim documents, both those submitted by claims processors and those generated by the division and the Workers' Compensation Board. While this is a major change in agency business practice, we anticipate very little or no effect on our

This is an appropriate time to remind insurers and self-insured employers about the claim retention requirements in OAR 436-050-0120 and 436-050-0220. The division does not receive or keep a complete copy of the worker's claim file.

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