OR WCD Provides Assistance On Claim Closing, Impairment Exams, And Reporting Impairment Forms


Portland, OR (CompNewsNetwork) - The Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services, Workers' Compensation Division has released a bulletin, designed to:

(1) contains information to assist medical providers to conform to the Oregon Disability Rating Standards (Oregon Administrative Rules 436-035) when conducting impairment-focused examinations for the purpose of determining an injured worker's disability, 

(2) describes the clinical techniques and protocols the medical provider is to use, as well as detailed impairment sections, to ensure that examination findings are reported in a manner consistent with the Oregon Disability Rating Standards, and 

(3) provides impairment reporting forms.

Following is a list of changes made to this bulletin:

·  Updated Workers' Compensation Examination Report – Quick Reference

·  Revised existing impairment forms

·  Created new impairment forms

·  Incorporated whole person methodology based on law changes

·  Updated impairment information based on rule changes

·  Organized bulletin to mirror rules where appropriate 

Download the attachment for more information. 

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