OR WCD Posts Temporary Preferred Worker Program Rules


Salem, OR (CompNewsNetwork) - The Workers' Compensation Division posted temporary "Preferred Worker Program" rules. Four temporary rules have been incorporated into OAR 436-110.

These temporary rule amendments clarify time frames for requesting Preferred Worker Program (PWP) incentives.

To be eligible for premium exemption and claim cost reimbursement, the employer at injury must notify its insurer that it has hired a Preferred Worker within 90 days from the date of hire. However, OAR 436-110-0240 prescribes certain text that must be included in insurers' notices to employers regarding PWP benefits, and the text in the permanent rule includes: “You must request Preferred Worker Program assistance from the Workers' Compensation Division within 180 days of the worker's claim closure date.” The wording of this notice has not made it clear that the 180-day time frame applies to other benefits but not to premium exemption and claim cost reimbursement. The revised notice in the temporary rules refers to the 90-day time frame. In addition, OAR 436-110-0290, which provides conditions for employer at injury use of the PWP, now states the 90-day time frame.

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