OR WCB Considers Electronic Transcripts Pilot Program


Portland, OR (CompNewsNetwork) - WCB is considering implementing a pilot program that will provide practitioners involved in Board appeals the option of receiving their copies of hearing transcripts electronically, rather than "hard copy" via U.S. Mail.  During the program, WCB will also be reviewing its internal processes to determine whether the permanent implementation of such a process is feasible.

Practitioners who participate in the program would not receive a hard copy of the hearing transcript.  Instead, they will only receive hearing transcripts electronically (in PDF format).

As the program is presently designed, copies of the briefing schedule and exhibit list would continue to be mailed to practitioners via U.S. Mail.  Those "hard copies" would be mailed via U.S. Mail after the electronic transmission of the hearing transcript to the participating practitioners.

Before such a program is implemented, WCB seeks input from parties and practitioners.  These responses can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to Karen Burton, WCB Executive Secretary, 2601 25th St. SE, Ste. 150, Salem, OR 97302 (fax 503-373-1684), karen.burton@state.or.us.

          1.  Do you support the concept of receiving electronic transcripts?  Yes____


              If so, why?_________________________________________________

              If not, why not?_____________________________________________

           2.  Would you participate in this pilot program?                Yes___


           3.  Do you have other comments/suggestions regarding this pilot program?



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