OR OSHA Propose Changes To General Administrative Rules

Portland, OR (CompNewsNetwork) - Oregon OSHA is proposing changes to the methods used for scheduling safety and health inspections as described within Oregon Administrative Rule, Chapter 437, Division 1. Under these proposed changes, employers will be selected for inspection from identified lists of industries described under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). The changes will use a variety of data that more accurately reflects the risk of injury by industry. The changes are designed to make the best use of Oregon OSHA resources by conducting inspections where the likelihood of finding serious hazards that could cause serious injuries or illness is the greatest. The identified NAICS are considered high hazard industries for scheduling inspections. 

After examining the current scheduling system and historical data on inspections it was determined that the system did not adequately focus our resources in industries considered to be the most hazardous. The current method of using workers compensation claims as the prime indicator of where inspections should be conducted is not a reliable indicator of where the risk of injury is the highest. 

Primary changes are: 
Definitions are changed. 
Inspection priorities are changed. 
How the safety and health scheduling lists are going to be selected and run. 

Scheduling Health Inspections for Fixed Places of Employment. 
A list of potential exemptions. 
An evaluation paragraph is added. 
Two appendices are added showing the specific NAICS codes for industries in each tier: 

Appendix A Safety Inspections for Fixed Places of Employment. 

Appendix B Health Inspections for Fixed Places of Employment. 
When does this happen: Adoption tentatively will be September 2009.

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