Oklahoma State Chamber President Praises Passage Of Workers' Comp Alternative Coverage Legislation


Oklahoma City, OK (WorkersCompensation.com) - State Chamber President Fred Morgan comments on today's Senate passage of HB 2155 with a vote of 28-17. The bill will allow Oklahoma employers to offer alternative workers' compensation insurance to their employees, as long as the benefits are similar to the state's plan.

“The current workers' compensation system is often adversarial, needlessly pitting employer vs. employee when everyone has the same goal--to get the worker healthy and back to work as soon as possible. This legislation would give employers in Oklahoma another option to the state system, which has been rated one of the worst and most expensive systems in the country,” said Morgan.

“As noted in the recently-released Fallinforbusiness.com survey, 84 percent of Oklahoma business leaders who responded rated our state's workers' compensation system as poor or fair and sited it as an impediment to growth. This is an issue that has to be addressed in order to grow our economy and create jobs in our state.”

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