OK: WCC Commissioner Mark Liotta Offers Early Resignation as Chairman


Oklahoma City, OK (WorkersCompensation.com) - Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC):

Chairman Mark Liotta has offered an early resignation to Governor Kevin Stitt from the position of Chairman of the WCC.

The Chairman stated:
“With the expiration of my term as Commissioner, there will be need for you to appoint a new Chairman in accordance with O.S. 85A. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, I hereby request you appoint a new Chairman early, effective 1 June, 2021.”

Chairman Liotta’s current appointment as Commissioner for the WCC will expire August 25th, 2021. He made clear his intention to serve out the remainder of his term in order to offer his support to a new Chairman.

The WCC operates with three commissioners on staggered, six year terms. The Governor appoints one to the position of Chair of the Commission. The Chairman has the following duties in addition to their role as Commissioner:
To organize, direct and develop the administrative work of the administrative law judges, including but not limited to docketing, clerical, technical and financial work and establishment of hours of operation; To employ administrative staff for the Commission, within budgetary limitation; and such other duties and responsibilities authorized by law or as the Commission may prescribe 85A O.S. § 19 (H).

During Chairman Liotta’s term, the WCC has established itself as a solidly managed agency, repeatedly ranking very high in leadership amongst its 46 employees, and achieving first in the Nation rankings twice in terms of reducing workers’ compensation costs for State employers.

Chairman Liotta commended the staff of the WCC to the Governor as the “finest in State government”. Workers’ injury cases are moved faster, with far fewer appeals, and over 60 insurers have chosen to move their book of business back into the State during this time. Under Liotta’s leadership, the WCC has voluntarily combined significant processes with the Court of Existing Claims (CEC) both in Tulsa and OKC to reduce costs and provide more effective service.

Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation system was reformed in 2013, by the Administrative Workers’ Compensation Act (Act). The Act created the Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) which became fully operational effective February 1, 2014, to replace the old Court, which became the Court of Existing Claims (CEC).

The WCC provides a forum for workers’ injury case hearings and appeals, ensures compliance with relevant statutes by employers, and regulates organizations who wish to self-fund their workers’ compensation obligations.

Commissioner Liotta previously worked 18 years in the private sector for a construction and technical services company in Tulsa, while serving seven years as an Infantry officer in the Oklahoma’s 45th Infantry Brigade. He was elected to five terms in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from NE Tulsa, and served 8 years as Highway Superintendent and Chief Deputy County Commissioner in Tulsa County, before his appointment to the WCC by Governor Fallin. He operates a small cattle ranch in Creek County.

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