OH Industrial Commission Says Change Will Shave Days Off Of Appeal Process

                               Columbus, OH (CompNewsNetwork) - It's as simple as issuing a letter instead of an interlocutory order, but this small change will provide earlier notification to parties that an appeal from a staff hearing officer order to the Commission has been accepted for hearing. It will also reduce the time needed to schedule a Commission Level hearing.   

Parties that have filed third level appeals to the Industrial Commission will now receive a “Notice of Acceptance of Appeal for Hearing” letter instead of an interlocutory order in claims where an appeal is accepted for hearing by the Commission. The process change will result in earlier notification because parties will no longer have to wait to receive an interlocutory order.  The change began May 13, 2010.

The notification will state whether the appeal is to be heard by the Commissioners or a deputy of the Commission. The same information that was in the interlocutory order will be provided to parties in the Notice of Acceptance of Appeal for Hearing. Parties to the claim will continue to be properly notified of the time and place of hearing in compliance with the requirements contained in R.C. 4121.36.

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