OH BWC Board of Directors Gives Administrator Excellent/Plus Performance Evaluation

Columbus, OH (CompNewsNetwork) - The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) Board of Directors met today and presented its' annual evaluation of Administrator Marsha Ryan's performance. The evaluation has been presented to and approved by Governor Ted Strickland. Strategic goals for the agency during fiscal year 2010 were also presented.

"I applaud the outstanding work Marsha is doing to make Ohio's workers' compensation system one of the best in the nation," said Governor Ted Strickland. "Her integrity can only be matched by her dedication and commitment to her employees and Ohio's employers and injured workers. Over the past year, Marsha and the BWC Board of Directors have made great strides in workers compensation and I anticipate even more success in the coming year."

In its' evaluation of Administrator Ryan, the Board of Directors gave her an "excellent/plus" with an overall numeric performance rating of 4.55 for FY 2009, as compared to 4.47 for FY 2008. The evaluation notes Ryan's number one accomplishment over the past year has been bringing greater parity to both group and non-group employer premium rates, despite great challenges. This rate reform is expected to provide a non group-rated employers with an up to 25-percent premium reduction. In addition, the Board praised Ryan for a number of successful strategic initiatives, including:

    * Preparing a model and beginning evaluation of the Deloitte Study recommendations for agency-wide improvements;
    * Successfully implementing the MIRA II reserving system; and
    * Exhibiting superior managerial skills, including leadership and fiscal management of BWC.

"Administrator Ryan confidently leads Ohio's workers' compensation system with integrity, accountability and humility," said Board Chairman William Lhota. "She is successfully navigating BWC through the current economic climate. Through her leadership, Ohio's workers' compensation system is becoming more insurance-like, with businesses now paying more equitable premiums based on the risk they bring to the system."

Additionally, the board was presented with BWC's primary goals for fiscal year 2010. These initiatives focus on the agency's continued efforts to restore operational excellence by ensuring stable costs, better services, accurate rates and safe workplaces. To achieve these goals, the administration will foster an atmosphere that encompasses good governance, transparency, actuarial soundness, performance-based rates, and planned and timely-announced implementation of agency initiatives. Internal initiatives will focus on continued operational cost savings and staff development.

Other board activities include the swearing-in of four members, each being appointed to a three-year term. David Caldwell, Ken Haffey, Jim Matesich and Bob Smith begin their second terms and have been appointed to serve until July 12, 2012.

The board also approved the selection of Deloitte Consulting LLC as BWC's Actuarial Consultant in ratemaking, reserving and special projects. Deloitte was selected after a lengthy review of seven candidates that responded to an RFP to fill the position.

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