NYSID Unveils Improved Website Design

                               New York City, NY (CompNewsNetwork) - Superintendent James Wrynn today announced that the Insurance Department has introduced a redesigned website, www.ins.state.ny.us, offering a cleaner, crisper appearance and focusing on making it easier for users to find information.

“The Insurance Department should be user-friendly for both consumers and the insurance industry. The Department's website has been updated to make it possible for consumers, agents, brokers and insurers to more easily access the wealth of information contained on the site,” Wrynn said.

The website's content is segmented into several major categories presenting information targeted to specific groups, such as consumers, insurance agents and brokers, and insurance companies.

In addition, the website:

  1. Contains portal applications allowing insurers to electronically submit to the Department a variety of documents, such as annual special investigations unit reports or disaster response documents.
  2. Offers links allowing consumers to file complaints, submit requests under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and obtain information such as representative premiums for several types of insurance coverage.
  3. Features access to information related to the Department's Office of General Counsel with links to circular letters, OGC opinions and other subjects, such as draft regulations.
  4. Presents links to media and information resources, such as news releases, information on public hearings and such features as a publications index.

The website also contains an insurance company search engine where users can easily identify insurance companies licensed to do business in New York State.

“The redesigned website is largely the result of recommendations advanced by the Insurance Filings Modernization Initiative, a joint Department-industry working group that focused on how the Department can best streamline internal review and other processes to better serve the public and the insurance industry,” Wrynn said.

“Participants in the Modernization Initiative believed it was imperative for the Department to continue to strengthen its website to make it easier for consumers and insurance industry professionals to find and use insurance-related information.”

The collaborative efforts of the Executive, Public Affairs, and Systems bureaus made the redesign based on the Initiative's recommendations a reality.

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