NYSB Releases New Manual To Help Businesses Stay Compliant

                               New York, NY (CompNewsNetwork) - The Board has created a new manual for businesses that bid on government contracts and also revised an existing document for all employers. Both publications explain to businesses how to remain compliant with workers' compensation and disability requirements.

The Prove It to Move It manual is directed toward employers applying for a government permit, license or contract. Since those businesses must prove they're complying with New York workers' compensation and disability benefits requirements, the manual explains the forms and processes necessary to move those applications toward completion. Sample forms are included. Prove It to Move It also explains to governments how to handle the forms, and the information they should see.

The revised Employers' Handbook provides New York's employers with general information regarding their rights and responsibilities under the state's workers' compensation and disability programs. The manual covers who needs insurance, the claim process, details on insurance, how to determine an independent contractor, handling penalties, and many common questions and scenarios.

Employers with questions can call the Compliance Unit, at 1-866-298-7830.

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