NY Man Forged Claimes To Collect $11,360

Orange County, NY (CompNewsNetwork) - An Orange County man who collected $11,360 in disability insurance payments after recovering from a foot injury, returning to work and earning his usual income was arrested Tuesday.

State police at Hawthorne arrested Deron B. Stainback, 48, of Cooks Lane, Highland Falls, Orange County, on charges of insurance fraud, forgery, identity theft and falsifying business records.

Chris Lehenbauer, an investigator with the New York State Insurance Department Frauds Bureau, said Stainback is accused of filing false statements with AFLAC Insurance Company and forging his boss's signature on claim forms, so he could continue to receive disability payments after returning to work.

Stainback was released pending an April 2 hearing in Town of Mount Pleasant Court. If he is convicted, he could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Mike Borelli.

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