NWCDN To Establish WC Law Talk Forum As Part Of Workers’ Compensation Roundtable On LinkedIn


Sarasota, FL (CompNewsNetwork) - The National Workers' Compensation Defense Network (NWCDN), a national group of Workers' Compensation defense lawyers with representation in approximately 44 states, has announced that it will be joining in the opening of a forum on the popular networking site LinkedIn. The forum, which will be a sub group of the LinkedIn Workers' Compensation Roundtable, will be called “WCLaw Talk by NWCDN”.

“WCLaw Talk by NWCDN” will allow and encourage exploration of many of the favorite Roundtable discussions and topics (and likely even some new ones), but allowing a more in-depth examination of some of the legal, historical and legislative origins of workers' compensation's most practical everyday dilemmas. The benefit the NWCDN brings to the Roundtable sub group is the ability to add cross-jurisdictional perspectives to many of todays most common and vexing workers' compensation issues and topics. Additionally, WCLaw Talk by NWCDN will keep the sub group members alerted to upcoming cutting edge, by invitation only, national workers' compensation seminars produced by NWCDN for invitees at no charge. This new sub group will also allow and facilitate the opportunity for post-seminar follow up discussions on the cutting edge issues explored at the seminars.

The Workers' Compensation Roundtable on LinkedIn is co-managed by Rebecca Shafer of www.LowerWC.com, and Bob Wilson and Kathy Lella of WorkersCompensation.com. They will be joined by Michael Fish, Kevin Connors and Charles Larson, all with NWCDN, for management of the sub group.

The Workers' Compensation Roundtable has grown to be one of the largest workers' compensation discussion forums on LinkedIn. The addition of the WCLaw Talk by NWCDN sub group is seen as a very positive step for the forum. Wilson explains, “There are several good workers' compensation forums on LinkedIn that possess excellent talent within their membership. However, I do not believe, from a legal or legislative discussion perspective, that any LinkedIn forum currently possesses the potential of the planned sub group offered by NWCDN. In the case of this sub group, the knowledge and experience of the NWCDN members enabling them to contribute to the discussion of these issues as sponsoring members, is unparalleled.”

People interested in becoming members of the LinkedIn WCLaw Talk by NWCDN must also be  members of the Workers' Compensation Roundtable. Membership is free to both groups. Employers and professionals with an interest in workers' comp may join both the Roundtable and WCLaw Talk by NWCDN by going to http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=3749600.    

Existing members of the Roundtable may request to join WCLaw Talk by NWCDN by going to the same link, or through “Sub Groups” within the Roundtable. Approvals on membership requests will be administered when the sub group goes live.

About the Workers' Compensation Roundtable

Workers' compensation is not simply an uncontrollable cost of doing business; it's a cost that can be managed with the right tools. Beginning with an assessment of the cost drivers, benchmarking the data, and integrating the solutions, most employers can reduce workers' comp costs up to 20-50%.  With the proper input from knowledgeable experts, business professionals managing comp claims can better identify what costs are controllable, and improve outcomes for all stakeholders in the process. This group is for employers, business owners, risk managers, HR managers, insurance executives and brokers to discuss the obstacles and strategies on how to overcome them.

This forum is jointly managed by people dedicated to the concept that workers' comp is a manageable line on your expense ledger, and that informed professionals are empowered achievers.


The National Workers' Compensation Defense Network ("NWCDN") is an organization of independent law firms, each with an established Workers' Compensation practice and experience in defending employers and insurance companies in workers' compensation and related actions. Member firms are committed to providing the highest quality representation and workers' compensation legal solutions to their employer and insurance carrier clients. Their website is http://www.nwcdn.com.

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