NFIB And AlaCOMP Offer Workers' Compensation Dividend Program To Small Business


Montgomery, AL (CompNewsNetwork) - Alabama's largest small business advocacy organization, the National Federation of Independent Business, is proud to announce its working relationship with AlaCOMP, an Alabama-only workers' compensation self-insurance fund.

This agreement will provide NFIB's Alabama members with three or more employees the opportunity to take advantage of AlaCOMP's 16 years of experience in operating a self-insured workers' compensation fund.

"NFIB is delighted to be able to provide our members the opportunity to control their workers' compensation costs through group self-funding. AlaCOMP has a proven track record for being able to provide cost-effective workers' compensation to Alabama businesses," said Rosemary Elebash, NFIB/Alabama state director.

"Not only will AlaCOMP be able to assist our members in helping to control workers' compensation expenses -- one of the major costs of doing business," said Elebash, "but AlaCOMP will help them improve their loss prevention programs through additional education on how to prevent accidents from occurring. Eligible members may also have the opportunity to earn dividends in return for providing a safe workplace."

Stephen Marino, AlaCOMP spokesperson, said, "We are proud to be in partnership with Alabama's premier small business association. AlaCOMP was founded so that safety-minded employers could join together in order to lower the cost of workers' compensation and to share in their success by returning premium to members in the form of dividends. Joining with NFIB gives us the chance to help even more Alabama employers and employees. Focusing on safe operations not only keeps workers healthy and on the job, but it reduces costs and improves productivity as well."

Alabama NFIB members in most wholesale, retail, manufacturing and service businesses can qualify for the program as long as they have three or more employees. Members who would like more information about the program can contact their local independent insurance agent or contact AlaCOMP through its service company Business Insurance Group at 334-215-8234.

For further information contact  Rosemary Elebash, 334-264-2261

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