New York WCB Announces Plan To Modernize Operations


New York City, NY ( - The New York State Workers' Compensation Board today released a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a reengineering project that will revolutionize the way claims are processed and monitored in the state. The RFP will help create a new claims environment that drives system performance and efficiency by greatly improving the way stakeholders interact with each other and the Board.

The project will leverage business process improvements and cutting-edge technology to create efficiencies across all areas of the Board's functions, leading to improved service to New York's businesses and injured workers.

“For too long, waste, delay and abuse have infected New York's workers' compensation system. This modernization project is a significant step in curing those problems,” the Board's Executive Director Jeffrey Fenster said. “Working with our stakeholders, the Board is committed to making New York a national leader in workers' compensation.”

The Board's modernization project will:

  • Improve timely payment of indemnity benefits
  • Ensure faster delivery of appropriate medical care
  • Improve the process for reporting medical treatment and billing
  • Virtually eliminate paper forms
  • Reduce waste, fraud and abuse within the system
  • Increase focus on dispute prevention
  • Decrease unnecessary disputes
  • Speed the resolution of legitimate disputes
  • Cut costs through improved processes for all stakeholders
  • Promote internal and external system performance through the use of analytics and key performance indicators

This project builds upon the Board's earlier announcement that it will transition from a paper to an electronic employer report of injury system by adopting a national reporting standard. Currently, the Board accepts New York-specific claims information from employers and insurance carriers through paper submission. Beginning in 2013, these submissions will be required to match the national standard and be made electronically.

To view the RFP please visit

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