New WC Prescription Drug Regulation Effective July 31


Juneau, AK (CompNewsNetwork) - Under a new regulation that governs prescription drugs provided to an employee as a medical benefit under the Alaska Workers' Compensation Act, generic drugs must be dispensed. An employee may choose a name-brand drug, but the cost difference must be paid by the employee.

Key components of Alaska Regulation 8 AAC 45.081, which became effective on July 31:

- A generic drug must be dispensed in place of a name-brand drug.

- The Alaska Medicaid Preferred Drug List is adopted as the preferred drug list.

- Prescription of a name-brand drug over a generic drug, or a name-brand drug not on the preferred drug list, requires written justification from the prescribing physician.

- An employee may choose a name-brand drug over a generic drug, but the cost difference must be paid by the employee.

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